Natural LightTips and tricks to improve your photography.

Learn how to effectively use reflectors and scrims, find beautiful light for natural light portrait photography, and more!  Also tips on running a wedding, portrait or other types of photography businesses. Need a FREE critique?  Find out more here!


How to Prevent Squinting When Using a Reflector

+-*A question seen often on messages boards is “How do I prevent squinting when using a reflector?  Squinting can be a big problem when taking natural light portraits outdoors.  It is also a common complaint among amateur photographers using reflectors.  To get a great expression from your portrait subject, you definitely want to do all you …

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How to Use a Reflector for Portrait Photography

+-*Reflectors are a great tool, especially in natural light portrait photography.  When shooting in natural light, you often have to learn how to work with and modify the light you have in a particular situation, as opposed to a studio lighting scenario, where you are in complete control from the start.  Many photographers struggle with reflectors …

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Bride was under an overhang and lit with indirect sunlight

Beautiful, Soft Light For Outdoor Portrait Photography

+-*Soft light is great for portraiture.  It minimizes wrinkles and blemishes, produces softer shadows, and can create some incredible catchlights in the eyes. This bride was under an overhang and lit with indirect sunlight Without using any additional photo equipment, soft light can be found in many places.  The easiest way to get soft light …

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Photography In Your Church

+-*While we must be careful not to “spam” church members with our photography business, I think there are some ways to indirectly gain photographic experience and references while also being able to minister in the church. As much as possible, we should look to use the photographic skills God has given us to minister to …

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Using a Reflector for Portrait Photography

+-*A reflector can be a great tool to help improve the lighting for your photography.  Here are some tips on how to use a reflector for portrait photography. A 5-in-1 reflector kit can be purchased relatively inexpensively.  This kit will include a silver, gold, black, and white sides, along with a white translucent diffuser disc. The …

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Pros and Cons of a Wedding Photography Business

+-*Wedding photography can be a great part-time or full-time business, but it is not for everyone.  Below is an excerpt from my e-book “The Rookie Wedding Photographer’s Survival Guide”, detailing some pros and cons of a wedding photography business:   THE POSITIVES First of all, most weddings are on weekends. This usually allows for a …

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